Field trips to destinations of geographical importance, conferences at focal points of world history, forums about issues with substance and relevant participants are the signature of our event calendar.

On Focus

XII Study Trip to P.R. China 2016

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Province of Xinjiang

P.R. China Nov 13-26, 2016

On our XII Study Trip to China, the focus is on the Chinese political and economic megatrends in Bejing and Shanghai, as well as for the first time the regional development of the Western Province of Xinjiang.

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III Study Trip to Ohio

Bowling Green, Ohio

USA Nov 1-6, 2016

At the beginning of November 2016, in the final rally of the US presidential campaign, delegates of Global Bridges arrive in Bowling Green, Ohio, 82 miles southwest of Detroit and 180 miles north of Cincinnati. Why would one choose such a remote location? It is right here, in the swing state of Ohio, where no presidential nominee who later became president, has lost since 1964.  Since 1896, Ohio has picked the loser only twice.

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Reunion with New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

USA October 29th – November 1st, 2016

Before the delegation from Global Bridges met in the “Swing State” Ohio for a final observation of the US Presidential Campaign, a small group of them led by Dr. Beate Lindemann paid a visit to New Orleans, in the American South.

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  • Geopolitical Monitor, February 15, 2024

    Topic: “Quo Vadis Türkiye”
    Speakers: Prof. Dr. Sanem Aydin-Düzgit, Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman
    Moderator: Dr. Hürcan Asli Aksoy

  • Chapter Meeting, February 14, 2024

    Young Leaders Alumni
    Topic: “You might not be interested in geopolitics - but geopolitics is interested in you”
    Speakers: Dr. Timo Blenk, Partner & CEO, Agora Strategy; Roberta Randerath, Senior Consultant & Head of Marketing, Agora Strategy
    München, Germany

  • Christmas Dinner, December 7, 2023

    International Club Berlin
    Berlin, Germany

  • First Study Trip to India, from November 17-26, 2023

    Mumbai and New Delhi

  • Global Bridges Reunion, from October 7-8, 2023

    Villa Lieberich-Merkel
    Neustadt an der Weinstrasse and Speyer, Germany