About Us

Founded by young leaders alumni and members of the Atlantik-Brücke, Global Bridges has developed its own identity which looks to all four corners of the globe. As a result, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East have emerged as focal points.

The aim of Global Bridges is to understand and integrate the various facets of international politics, business, academia and culture. To this end, Global Bridges works with leaders and prominent representatives from all of these sectors. The complex world order of the 21st century requires dialogue, personal encounters and understanding not only within a transatlantic context but also with other politically and economically aspiring areas of the world.

We want to develop lasting partnerships with representatives from other countries and cultures. Our members appreciate the direct dialogue for open and frank discussions that provide new insights.

Our organization is not large and we plan to keep it that way. We grow moderately and will carefully monitor the number of our active members. The motivation to join us is a desire to develop long-term relationships and expand horizons. The typical Global Bridges member possesses global and leadership experience, an inquisitive nature and the ability to think unconventionally. Initiative and spontaneity characterize his or her actions.

«Global Bridges members think unconventionally. Inquisitiveness, initiative and spontaneity characterize their actions.»

Sponsors and donors support the mission of Global Bridges with material contributions but contribute even more by way of their time, ideas and identification of inspiring employees and valuable contacts. The aim is not the pursuit of individual economic and political interests. Independence and impartiality are high on our list of core principles.

One of Us

Like no other, our Founding Chairman and Honorary Member Dr. Walther Leisler Kiep† exemplifies the value set of Global Bridges: the spirit of a humanist, the ambition of an entrepreneur and the attitude of a statesman. He has built the bridges that brought us together with people from other cultures. With Global Bridges and the Young Leaders Network, he has created a lasting legacy. His cosmopolitanism, human warmth and eye-twinkling humour will guide and inspire our work.

“I am left with great confidence.”

Remembering our Friend Dr. h.c. Walther Leisler Kiep – Statesman, Gentleman, Bridge Builder


«For over thirty years, I have been bringing Young Leaders together. Many of them have become well-respected CEOs of global companies and leading political figures all over the world. When my alumni tell me of the close friendships and professional connections they made at the Young Leaders Conferences, I know that we have accomplished our goal.»

«If, as Confucius tells us, inquisitiveness and a youthful mind really are two characteristics worth striving for, then I can suggest a third: a membership with Global Bridges. Having our members come from many walks of life enriches our discourse with decision-makers at the hub of global affairs. Our aim is to understand people and not just issues – from all perspectives. I hope that Global Bridges, with its unconventional character, can lead people to insights that can be better developed as a community.»