Video Conference: “Change of power in Tanzania: preserve the old and dare the new” on June 16

With H.E. Ambassador Regine Heß and Sanjay Rughani, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Edward Krubasik.

Video conference “USA – Russia– EU: Coordinated Realisation of the Paris Climate Accord Goals” on May 31, 2021

With Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Sigmar Gabriel and Cem Özdemir. Moderated by Professor Dr. Friedbert Pflüger. German-language event.

Video Discussion: “Politico-economic Priorities for the New Federal Government from Autumn 2021 onwards – Gradual Change or Fundamental Change of Course necessary?” on May 18, 2021

With Dr. Daniel Stelter and Professor Dr. Achim Truger. Moderated by Professor Dr. Henrik Müller. German-language event.

Videoconference on plastic pollution in the oceans, April 12, 2021

Topic: “Plastic, waste, pollution: What African Countries are doing”

Third Chinese-German Video Symposium with the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS), March 2021

Topic: “How does the Biden administration affect the trilateral relationship between the United States, Europe and China”

Videoconference on plastic pollution in the oceans, March 8, 2021

Topic: “Mission: Starfish 2030”

Chinese-German Video Symposium , March 5, 2021

Topic: “The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” (CAI)

Videoconference on the German EU Council Presidency, February 25, 2021

Topic: “Taking stock of the German EU Council Presidency – A Success?”

Videoconference on Indonesia, December 14, 2020

Topic: “From the concrete Jungle to the Depths of the Rainforest: The Move of the Indonesian Capital to Borneo”

XVI Study Trip to China and Hong Kong, November 15-26, 2020

(postponed because of corona-virus)