Video conference “USA – Russia– EU: Coordinated Realisation of the Paris Climate Accord Goals” on May 31, 2021

With Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Sigmar Gabriel and Cem Özdemir. Moderated by Professor Dr. Friedbert Pflüger. German-language event.

Video Discussion: “Politico-economic Priorities for the New Federal Government from Autumn 2021 onwards – Gradual Change or Fundamental Change of Course necessary?” on May 18, 2021

With Dr. Daniel Stelter and Professor Dr. Achim Truger. Moderated by Professor Dr. Henrik Müller. German-language event.

Videoconference on plastic pollution in the oceans, April 12, 2021

Topic: “Plastic, waste, pollution: What African Countries are doing”

Third Chinese-German Video Symposium with the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS), March 2021

Topic: “How does the Biden administration affect the trilateral relationship between the United States, Europe and China”

Videoconference on plastic pollution in the oceans, March 8, 2021

Topic: “Mission: Starfish 2030”

Chinese-German Video Symposium , March 5, 2021

Topic: “The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” (CAI)

Videoconference on the German EU Council Presidency, February 25, 2021

Topic: “Taking stock of the German EU Council Presidency – A Success?”

Videoconference on Indonesia, December 14, 2020

Topic: “From the concrete Jungle to the Depths of the Rainforest: The Move of the Indonesian Capital to Borneo”

XVI Study Trip to China and Hong Kong, November 15-26, 2020

(postponed because of corona-virus)

Global Bridges Day 2020, November 11, 2020

Berlin, Germany

Annual Membership Meeting

Tenth Anniversary of Global Bridges