Study Trips, Conferences, and Global Forums 2018

In 2018, we will continue to follow our motto, “Wir fahren hin” (We go there), and to seek personal encounters and experiences in areas of geostrategic importance, such as in Iran, Israel and the West Bank, Jordan, Tibet, Kenya and Rwanda, China, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan.

For further information please see the following preliminary schedule of events for this year:

I. Study Trips

April                  III Study Trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran

April/May         VI Study Trip to Israel and the West Bank

May                   I Study Trip to Jordan

July                    Special Study Trip to Tibet, P.R. China

Aug./Sept.        I Study Trip to Kenya and Rwanda

October            I Study Trip to the S.R. Vietnam

October             XIV Study Trip to the P.R. China


II. Conferences

May                       XVII European-American Young Leaders Conference, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

June                      III Walther Leisler Kiep Symposium, Berlin, Germany

July                       VII Chinese-German Young Leaders Conference, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China

September          II Global Bridges Symposium Berlin, Berlin, Germany


III. Global Forums and other events

January                   Traditional New Year’s Dinner 

March                      VI London Global Forum 

March                      XXXI Berlin Global Forum