Indonesia’s economic and ecological development in 2021

December 14, 2020

Indonesia was one of our destinations for Study Trips in 2020, however, due to the pandemic it had to be postponed and we could not visit the southeast Asian country. Thanks to our newly established format “We zoom there”, we were at least able to travel to Indonesia virtually. It was a pleasure for us to welcome the German Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Peter Schoof, and Monica Tanuhandaru, Executive Director at the Environmental Bamboo Foundation and expert on the field of Indonesian development politics, to our video conference on Indonesia. The event was moderated by our member of the advisory board, Dr. Peter Strüven.

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Second German-Chinese Video Symposium: China and the EU

November 26, 2020

The Second German-Chinese Video Symposium between Global Bridges and the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) was held to address issues related to the Chinese-European relations, such as the pursuit of a “level playing field” in trade and investment, as well as changing Chinese trade patterns. Since the EU and China have been working on a bilateral investment treaty for some time and the topic of China is featured prominently in the plan for the German EU Council Presidency that ends on December 31, 2020, the China-EU relations are a hot-button issue. Guest speakers as well as other participants were glad to be able to discuss the problems and future prospects in this matter with experts from both sides.

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“The Third of November and the Consequences for America and the World”

November 11, 2020

In the aftermath of the US elections of 2020, Global Bridges hosted a video conference on the consequences of the elections for America and the world. Close attention was paid to the foreign relations between the US and the EU as well as the US and China, which had both deteriorated significantly during Donald Trump’s four-year presidency. Domestic affairs were also discussed, in particular the direction the Republican Party is going and how the country will change in the next four years.

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Video Call between Global Bridges and the China Institute for International and Strategic Studies (CIISS)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

After the First Chinese-German Video Symposium on September 19, the Chinese side wanted to discuss the problems between Germany and China and China and the EU in a separate conference, ahead of the second video symposium in November. On the Chinese side, Maj. Gen. (ret.) XU Nanfeng, Vice Chairman of the CIISS as well as retired Senior Colonels CHEN Wei, BAI Zonglin, and YU Hanmin, all of whom are Senior Research Fellows at the CIISS, were present. On the German side, the guest speakers were Professor Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, and Jörg Wuttke, Vice President and Chief Representative of BASF in China as well as President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China. The debate was moderated by Dr. Hans Albrecht, Chairman of Global Bridges and Dr. Beate Lindemann, Executive Chairman of Global Bridges.

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First German-Chinese Video Symposium: Indo-Pacific Security Challenges

September 17, 2020

Central to the First Chinese-German Video Symposium between Global Bridges and the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) were the security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, exemplified by such issues as the South China Sea territorial dispute, arms control, and great power rivalry. As was mentioned in the “Policy Guidelines on the Indo-Pacific Region” by the German Foreign Office, the key to shaping international order is the Indo-Pacific, and so the conference was regarded by all sides to be one of great importance for present and future.

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Video conference of the participants of the Study Trips to Africa

September 8, 2020

On September 8, 2020 we continued our virtual journey on the African continent and our members came together for a video conference on the topic “Rwanda – an innovative pioneer on the African continent?”. Our guest speakers Renate Charlotte Lehner, First Secretary and Head of Administration and Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy in Kigali, and Sangwa Rwabuhihi, General Manager of the Westerwelle Startup House Kigali, provided us with extensive insights into the development of Rwanda and informed us about the start-up scene in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Read more

Russia – quo Vadis?

August 25, 2020

In preparation for our video conference “Russia – quo Vadis?” on August 25, 2020 we had followed the news about Russia with excitement in the last weeks. In the light of the current events, our guest speaker, retired Ambassador Rüdiger von Fritsch, German Ambassador to Russia from 2014 to 2019, had numerous questions to discuss. Dr. Angela E. Stent, Professor at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies, moderated and completed the discussion. Both have recently written a book on Russia. Von Fritsch’s “Russlands Weg. Als Botschafter in Moskau” will be published in autumn 2020. Dr. Stents “Putin’s World” was published in early 2019.

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Mutual interest, brave decisions and real commitment. The future of European-African relations

15 July, 2020

On July 15, our video conference on “Europe and Africa as partners” took place. Just in time for the German EU Council Presidency, our guest speaker Günter Nooke, the German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa, provided deep insights into the relationship between Europe and the African continent. We discussed the challenges and opportunities of a forward-looking partnership. The evening was moderated by Dr. Christiane Kraus, Africa expert in international development cooperation. Read more

The West and China & Hong Kong – tensions and an open future

June 22, 2020

The focus of our video conference on June 22 was China and the West. It was an exciting discussion between two experts in this field: Wolfgang Niedermark, representative of the German industry and Chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and Dr. Hubert Lienhard, former Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Industry and CEO of Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA. Quickly, it became clear that Europe will play a major role in this discussion. According to the panelists, Europe has to find its own independent role in the decoupling process between the two world powers USA and China, and Germany would have to play a central role in this process. In these difficult times, Germany had the responsibility to strengthen rather than weaken transatlantic relations. The informative and lively discussion ended with a committed plea for a strong Europe. Dr. Beate Lindemann introduced and moderated the discussion.

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“We zoom there” – “Europe in crisis: how is the European Union holding together?” With David McAllister

June 4, 2020

On Thursday 4 June, Global Bridges members came together for a video conference on the topic “Europe in crisis: how is the European Union holding together?”. Guest speaker of the evening was David McAllister, MEP and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, who provided the participants with an exciting and insightful impression of current challenges the European Union is facing. The discussion was moderated by our member and Young Leader Dr. Daniel Bloemers, who works as a policy officer for international relations at the European Commission.

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