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VIII London Global Forum

London, United Kingdom October 7, 2019 Topic: Book Presentation „Brexit. Causes and Consequences“ by Rudolf G. Adam On Monday, 7 October 2019, Sir Robert Cooper presented to members of Global Bridges and some invited guests the book „Brexit. Causes and Consequences“, written by our member Rudolf Adam. The event took place in the Churchill Room at […]

Study Trip to Ethiopia and Ghana

Addis Ababa – Accra September 15 – 22, 2019 Compared to China, whose population will remain at 1.4 billion by 2050, the population of Africa will grow from the current 1.3 billion to 2.3 billion. The challenges involved are enormous, but so are the opportunities for the “Continent of the Century”. Time for Global Bridges […]

IV Walther Leisler Kiep Symposium 2019

Berlin, Germany June 24/25, 2019 Topic: China as a Global Competitor: Implications for Europe On 25 June 2019 the Fourth Walther Leisler Kiep Symposium discussed the challenges and opportunities of China’s rise. After generations of passive introspection, China is reappearing as an active power, engaging in foreign policy, staking out its geostrategic, territorial and technologic […]