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First Study Trip to Kenya and Rwanda

Nairobi – Kigali August 25-September 2, 2018 “We don’t want help, we need investment!’’ The cliché of a continent steeped in poverty and stagnation, from which only migration to Europe offers the possibility of a better life, stands in contrast to our week spent in Kenya and Rwanda. What we saw, were two countries on […]

Special Study Trip to Tibet

Lhasa – Shigatse – Namsto Lake July 7-12, 2018 For more than a quarter of a century, representatives from Global Bridges have been traveling to China. Throughout this time, they have had the chance to follow China’s impressive growth, appreciate its achievements, but also to perceive its sensitivities.

VII Chinese-German Young Leaders Conference

Inner Mongolia, P.R. China  July 1 to 6, 2018 „China-Germany Relations in a Changing World“ Inner Mongolia? Not much is known about the northern province in China. Even for people from China it is a place full of mystery and legends mostly inspired by its famous leader Genghis Khan. No wonder Mongolia is called an […]

Third Walther Leisler Kiep Symposium 2018

Europe’s Future between the United States and China Berlin, Germany June 26 and 27, 2018   Report by Rudolf G. Adam The Third Walther Leisler Kiep Symposium began in the evening of June 26th with a keynote address by Richard Burt: “Are we Approaching the End of the Atlantic Partnership?” Richard Burt looked back on […]

XXXII Berlin Global Forum, June 07, 2018

Is blockchain a revolutionary technology of the future? Is it going to change the world – and if yes – how? What is fleeting and what is permanent? These central questions guided the presentations and subsequent discussions at the Global Bridges’ XXXII Berlin Global Forum titled, “Bitcoin – Blockchain: From Sensation to Rehabilitation.”